Come, share and learn

Purpose of the Puppet People happening is to build synergy effect based on sharing ideas and visions between puppeteers.

Let’s meet

UNIMA was established in Prague. The city itself is magical and right in the middle of the world map. Czech puppeteering is a Unesco heritage. That’s why we believe Puppet People should meet here. Happening itself will take place at Campa Park at the historical part of the city where all cultural people meet for centuries.

Perform, teach, discuss or just come to meet

0. year of the happening is open to everybody who wants to perform, make a workshop, debate or just come to Prague and meet.

What’s coming next year

Czech puppeteering has been grown on roots of traveling theatres in the 18th century (most know puppeteer was Matěj Kopecký). In 20’s last century there were around 3000 puppet theatres playing the shows. Around 1400 of them was running by Sokol (physical education movement established in 1861 and still running) In cooperation with Sokol, we will add a smell of nomadic theaters.  Some of you will travel from village to village and play in Sokol’s old puppet theatres. Sokol’s community will accommodate and bring people to see your performances. Then during the weekend all of you will meet at Kampa joining regular Puppet People happening.